Wonderful News!

Amadeus is Life Graded as a KNN Stallion.

Image Credits : Orange Cat Photography

"Why Knabstruppers?" People often ask me that!

Some years ago I found myself rebuilding my life after my spine was broken in three places. I was thrown onto hard ground, knocked out & the horse then took great exception to my lying still & pretty much pummelled me. It wasnt pretty!

"You wont walk again - let alone ride". (I sound like a "Seabiscuit Extra" saying that but faced with susch a bleak diagnosis & having over 30 years experience of riding & training horses) I decided to breed. The question then became - "What"?

Months of researching breeds & visits to various studs ensued until finally, in Denmark I realised that the Knabstrupper was the breed for me. With it's long history of trainability & movement, but most of all being known for their gentle & biddable natures, my mobility limitations began to seem less of an issue.

One stud had a foal they thought would interest me & I spotted him (pardon the pun) straight away. It's hard to explain the fun & joy all wrapped in this little, tiny, dotty foal - elegant with the most beautiful, soft eye & gentle face!

Amadeus arrived in October 2007. A shy, leggy boy, but still expressing the gentle nature his breed is historically famed for. Our little colt has now grown into a lovely natured, well mannered & competitive stallion of whom we are exceptionally proud.

His KNN Life Grading saw him placed first from the five stallions presented & also gaining coveted 10's for his Temperamtent & Trainability. We are so thrilled! Huge Thanks & Congratulations to Tommy Hangaard for breeding him & to Natalie Passmore for her riding & handling of him.

Following this Amadeus is now Performance Tested & a Full Life Graded Stallion with Knabstrupper Forgeningen for Danmark. Offspring of Knabstrupper mares & approved outcross mares (Graded Warmbloods, TB’s etc) may be eligible for main stud book papers & access to grading which is very exciting for potential breeders!